Crucibles Database

Artifact ID DK 2087/400
Site Don Klang
Context burial-associated
Period Late Period

Context: burial-associated
Level: 3A
Layer: 06
Burial number:
Feature number: B5
Feature description:
Description: Body fragment.The piece is vitrified but shows strong surface weathering. The exterior surface is very rough and has mottled colors, but mostly 10YR 6/2, light brownish gray. There is a large rounded vitrified “bubble” or mass on the inside surface, ~1.0 x 1.5cm. The “bubble” is lighter in color, ranging from 10YR 7/4, very pale brown, to 10YR 6/4, light yellowish brown. There is a light greenish white glass on the underside of the bubble where it is separated from the interior surface in a groove ~5.0mm deep, 8.0mm long, and 1.0-2.0mm wide. Remnants of a dark brown glass, 10YR 4/3, line part of the base of the bubble and up onto it at one end. The surface of the bubble is quite frothy in appearance with remnants of small gray, black, and brown glassy bubbles. Temper is quartz sand.