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Artifact ID BC 0694/1203A
Class adze
Material copper-base
Site Ban Chiang BC
Period Early Period

Completeness: intact
Type: fan-shaped
Subtype: socketed
Number of pieces: 1
Corrosion level: metal present
Conserved: Yes
Weight gm: 88
Maximum dimension: 9.7
Description: Intact Length=9.7 cm; intact length of edge=7.4 cm; intact chord length of edge=7.1 cm; minimum width of waist=2.4 cm; adze face is flared with angular tips. Socket opening is oval.
Comments: Socket is flattened to a lozenge shape 3.0 cm across but only 1.3 cm from front to back, so that the edge view of object is a very slender triangle. The blade is asymmetrical, one face tapering smoothly from the socket hole to the blade edge, the other with the blade area flattened, so that blade forms an angle with socket and blade sides. On exhibit in Thailand.

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