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Artifact ID BCES 0725/2511
Class bell
Material copper-base
Site Ban Chiang BCES
Period Middle Period-Late Period

Completeness: intact
Number of pieces: 1
Corrosion level: metal present
Conserved: Yes
Weight gm: 3.7
Maximum dimension: 1.5
Description: Intact length (top to bottom)=1.5 cm. Intact width=1.3 cm. Width of opening=0.3 cm. Degree of opening around the body=240°. Ball is missing. Loop outside diameter=0.7 cm Loop inside diameter=0.2 cm. Loop is 0.4 cm wide with a groove around the center of its exterior, so that it almost looks like two side-by-side loops of wire.
Comments: Decoration is spiral design with center of spiral at centers of left and right hemispheres. Grooves of spiral are 1.1 mm apart. Opening is tapered from a maximum at the center to very acute angles at the ends. Object is in Thailand.