Photomicrograph Database

Artifact ID DK 0113/0306
Negative Number NS217
Magnification 400x
Etchant AH/HP, FeCl3
Photo Date 6/27/2000


high-tin bronze



Metallographic Description

This is an unusual structure. According to the PIXE, it has 20% Sn (EDS, 23%). It appears to be multi-phase. The alpha consists of long tubes of twinned grains; the tubes line up approximately in the same direction. The dark second phase appears to be mixed with a third, lighter phase. Nonmetallic inclusions are frequent and have been flattened longitudinally, like the alpha. There are no martensitic needles or strain lines. Is this perhaps an unquenched high-tin alloy? The phases do not resemble alpha+delta eutectoid. It is largely free from corrosion.

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