All Metals Database

Artifact ID BCES 0245/0543
Class blade
Material iron
Site Ban Chiang BCES
Period Late Period

Completeness: greater than half
Type: curved
Number of pieces: 1
Corrosion level: no metal present
Conserved: Yes
Weight gm: 32.4
Maximum dimension: 11.8
Description: Blade length=11.8 cm. Maximum blade width=3.2 Blade thickness=0.6 cm. Inner length (of inside edge)=9.5 cm. Chord length of inside edge=8.5 cm. Inner radius (curvature of inside edge)=5 cm. Outer length (length of outside edge)=14.5 cm
Comments: Blade is pointed at one end and squared off at the other, which is probably broken off. All dimensions are coded as if this is the entire original blade. Width at squared end 3.2 cm, tapering evenly to the point. An imaginary line midway between inside and outside edges curves through 90 degrees from squared end to the point.